Over the last two decades, vacant houses have, without a doubt, become some of the very best kinds of deals. Here’s the issue though, vacant houses are vacant. The homeowners don’t live there and it’s usually tough to find them.

Although that seems like a bad thing, it’s not. Chances are, no one else has been able to find or contact the home owner. The competition is next to none, so when you find the seller, you are the only one talking to them.

Typically, the harder the home owner is to find, the better and more profitable the deal.

Now, you can try and find the seller yourself by searching online or talking to neighbors and local officials. However, that is very time consuming and frustrating. You should be spending your time finding more deals, not focusing on finding one seller.

Smart investors use a “skip trace” to find more information on the homeowner, making it much easier to find missing sellers and profit on deals that your competition can’t touch.

We have been in the business of providing quality, timely, and accurate skip trace services since 2002, and we are very good at it. We spent the last few years developing a skip trace tool so that investors could pay a small, affordable flat rate for access to real estate skip traces, which means you can do more deals in less time.

With real estate skip trace searches at your disposal, you can:

Easily Find Owners!

Easily find owners of vacant properties that your competition can't, giving you a decidedly unfair advantage!

The Very Best Deals

Get uncontested access to the very best deals, and again as a rule, the harder an owner is to find, the better the deal is when you get it!

Save Money

Save money on every skip trace you do.

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